The Testing Jonathan Moeller


Published: October 18th 2011



The Testing  by  Jonathan Moeller

The Testing by Jonathan Moeller
October 18th 2011 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: | 10.66 Mb

Rachaelis is an Initiate of the Conclave, the powerful order of mighty mages. But to become a full Adept of the Conclave, she must first survive the Testing. Those who survive the Testing never speak of the trials they endured.Those who fail the Testing are never seen again.And now the Magisters of the Conclave have come to take Rachaelis to undertake the Testing.

And there she shall face perils to both her body and her sanity.And creatures that yearn to devour her soul…

Enter the sum

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